Seattle Event of the Week
All weekend: Obviously, it’s Bumbershoot. It boasts a sweeter-than-usual lineup of up-and-coming bands (plus Wu-Tang!), but totally isn’t the kind of place we’d encourage you to sneak booze into. Never. Ever.

Pagliacci Pizza

Saturday, August 30th: Free pizza! Pagliacci’s celebrating the opening of its revamped Magnolia location with a ribbon cutting headlined by the mayor, plus gratis slices all afternoon. Continue Reading


Saturday, August 30th - Sunday, August 31st: Sure, you’ve eaten at Seattle’s sweetest food trucks… but how ‘bout its first condiment truck? No? Well, now you can, thanks to French mustard-slinger Maille. The truck will be posted up on Cap Hill and in Fremont with a shton of different Dijons, cornichons, and more.

Tom Douglas Restaurants

Sunday, August 31st: Seattle’s got a shton of parks and maintaining them ain’t cheap, which is why T-Doug is manning the grill at his annual Salmon Chanted Evening, where you can nosh on his picnic-style seafood, a hazelnut & wild rice salad, fruit crisp, and more, all for a good cause.


Monday, September 1st: For one day only, Iron Chef vet Maria Hines is celebrating her original restaurant's birthday with a four-course family-style barbecue, or a barbecue-inspired selection of drink pairings for a few dollars more. Make a reservation ASAP.



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