Be the first inside The W's new downtown destination

Unless they apply to literally any program at Oregon, the average person just can't get into a lot of places. And they still won't be able to, since only the well-above-average, absurdly handsome readers of Thrillist can attend TRACE's Pre-Opening Party.

Because you're reading this right now, you, and probably like a hundred morally casual (hopefully female) models are the only ones who'll be able to get a first look at TRACE, the brand-new 110-seat eatery inside The W, which, over the last three months, has been completely "re-wondered", in case you'd wondered "hey, what the eff happened to Earth & Ocean?!". You and 100 or so of your closest fellow Thrillist subscribers/aforementioned (almost definitely female) models will be the first to see the hotel's new metal-heavy eat-space (now boasting a 10-seat sushi bar) and its "living room" featuring a design inspired by things like aircraft, backgammon boards, and lodge poles, which have significantly better aesthetics than the Henry Cabot Lodge ones. When it does open to the public, TRACE will serve modern American sourced from local producers (braised beef & saffron pappardelle, crispy skin Pacific sablefish w/ leek nage, preserved kumquats & fennel), plus a selection of small plates and fresh oysters from Taylor Shellfish and Penn Cove, but then, they Whid-bey.

They'll also sling sweet cocktails like the Clear Creek Douglas Fir liqueur/bourbon-based Washington State of Mind, apropos, because unless you actually went to Oregon, your mind's on more important things -- like how to get into this sweet party with all its free food/Scotch/at this point absolutely female models. It's easy: the first 65 people (plus their guests) to RSVP to the email address below are on the list.