Everything you need to know about Seattle’s Great Horror Campout

Everyone knows the scariest thing about camping is finding a place to go poop… unless you’re talking about the Great Horror Campout, an all-night, interactive scavenger hunt/sleepover/in-real-life horror movie that’s so scary the place you’re mostly likely to go poop is in your pants. It’s coming to Black Diamond this weekend, and here’s what you need to know:

1. The event lasts all night
Unlike you (much to your girl’s regret), they’re not just saying that. The only way to win is to survive the night, which lasts from 8pm-8am. During those 12 hours, you will be scared, harassed, and grabbed in a definitely-not-trying-to-hug-you manner by everything from zombies to rednecks with chainsaws.

2. You don’t even need a tent
They’ll provide one for you. You will, however, need to bring a sleeping bag, a cooler/picnic basket full of supplies, a pillow, a flashlight, a dossier (you'll be emailed), and a white, ruinable shirt. They also highly recommend a snorkel, underwater flashlight, and several pairs of underwear, presumably because of the whole aforementioned poop thing.

3. It’s a scavenger hunt
The GHC is filled with "Hell Zones" that have different creatures guarding hidden "SCAG" (S**t Campers All Get). To win, you've gotta collect that SCAG, which could require anything from standing still as a creature breathes horrifyingly in your ears, to being kidnapped by a dude who drives a van that says "Free Candy" (no, they’re not kidding), or even getting thrown in the trunk of a car (nope, they’re still not kidding).

4. You choose your level of scared
There are a couple different types of zones. The Chicken Zone is where there’re horror movies, roasting marshmallows, ghost stories, etc. The only really scary thing is the screams coming from the people in the other highly immersive, highly terrifying, not-Chicken Zone, where scary dudes can mess with you.

5. There are no rules
Surviving the scavenger hunt, aka “Hell Hunt”, is just the beginning. You’ll still have to make it through a tournament-style Blood Tag Match, or possibly a Camp Talent Show, and constantly listen for important rule changes that could disqualify hundreds in one swoop.

6. They got money from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank
They're using the biggest investment in Shark Tank history to bring you stuff almost as scary as going into the tequila business with Turtle.

7. The prizes mean you have to come back
Winners get a sash and patch that they can wear to future (or other city's) Campouts for special privileges including discounts, front-of-the-line action, different zones, and more.

8. You can opt out at any time
All you have to do is scream out, "I WANT MY MOMMY".