The 10 worst drivers in Seattle (and where to find 'em)

Worst Drivers In Seattle

The Town's challenging geography, occasionally rain-slicked roads, and daily influx of bumbling suburbanites who are used to spacious and otherwise easily navigable streets have given us a reputation -- often reinforced by studies like the one showing Seattle drivers are 30% more likely to get into an accident than the average American driver -- as having the worst drivers in the country. And while that may be true, it is also true that some drivers are way, way worse than others. So we decided to identify the 10 types of Seattle drivers doing the most damage to our rep/ daily commutes... Hopefully, this will help you avoid running into them.

1. The guy who just gives upHe's probably a perfectly nice guy -- he drives something sensible like a Subaru wagon or a Corolla -- but he's lost, or confused about what lane he's supposed to be in, or can't find the address he's looking for, or... something, so his solution is to stop in the middle of the street. Seriously?!Where to find them: 1st Ave in Belltown. We know you want a parking space close to Pike Place Market... so does everyone else, which is why there aren't any. Ever. So keep moving

2. The teenage girl with three friends in the carDriving around in my RAV 4 is totes more fun when I can blast Icona Pop, and tell my friends about the hideous selfie Sarah posted on Instagram last nigh-- oooh! Am I in the right lane?!Where to find them: Trying to turn left onto I-5 in the U-Dristrict from the right hand lane

3. The woman in the BMW stopped in the middle of the intersectionMost people politely stop short when it's obvious that the light'll change before they clear the intersection. Not this Mercer Island resident. She sneeringly goes around you and ends up blocking traffic almost until the light's ready to change again.Where to find them: This woman is currently on Denny Way adding four minutes to someones commute. Speaking of Denny Way..

4. People who try to turn left onto DexterNo one needs to go to Fremont badly enough to justify the line of cars this creates. And if you need to get on 99, JUST TAKE TWO RIGHTS and come back up Aurora Ave forchristsakes!Where to find them: The intersection of Denny and... duh, Dexter

5. The guy in the SUV creating a "reverse" road blockHe's from Kirkland, and only comes into town for the occasional lunch meeting, so he probably doesn't realize that parking on the street is almost as expensive as parking in a lot, but that doesn't excuse the fact he's making everyone wait while he tries to parallel park.Where to find them: In Pioneer Square wondering what he should get at Il Corvo... instead of wondering if he should stop being a d**k

6. CabbiesAll but about 15 of Seattle's cabs are currently parked at the airport, or outside the Renaissance on 6th & Madison, and everyone of those 15 cabs is busily prowling Downtown with zero respect for a) Lanes, b) Turn signals, or c) Traffic flow. The speed limit is 25mph, not 15!Where to find them: Cruising down 1st in Belltown so slowly that the guy who has just given up is starting to look like a really good driver

7. The tourist who thinks they're on a two-way streetMaybe they are too busy reading a map to read the conspicuous signs pointing out the fact that they're unforgivably stupid going the wrong way. Where to find them: On 4th or 5th Ave, Downtown

8. The dude cutting in front of a lane full of carsHe's a bro. He drives a pick-up or something else made by Dodge, and he wants to get on the highway. He knows that everyone in the lane next to him -- a line of cars blocks long -- wants to do the same thing, but he doesn't care. So he blithely puts his blinker on, and FREAKING CUTS IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!Where to find them: The left lane on Elliot approaching the viaduct, or Howell approaching the entrance to I-5 South

9. The stay-at-home mom/ dad who can't mergeIn a city famed for people who have trouble merging, it seems churlish to pick on this oblivious brand of Lexus driving menaces, but the fact is they don't commute, they've got kids in the car, and clearly spend more time thinking about the shows they're missing back at home than they do about other drivers. They should just... waitforit... stay at home.Where to find them: Every. Single. I-5. On-Ramp

10. People who complain about traffic on Twitter, Facebook, etc.First of all, social media is for making your "friends" jealous of the sweet vacation you took, or the dinner you had at the Old Sage last night. Second, another reason traffic sucks is because you just 'caused a wreck while posting a status update about how traffic sucks. Clearly, it's YOU that sucks. #STOPHASHTAGGINGWhere to find them: Making an even bigger mess of Mercer, which by the way, some studies show will never not be under construction

*Not literally though, 'cause is sounds like the chances of you actually running into them are pretty good.