Get FREE hotcakes on a stick, and go (almost) naked in Fremont

Seattle Event of the Week
Saturday, February 15th: The giant statue of Lenin will only be the second strangest thing in Fremont this weekend, thanks to dozens of underwear-clad runners raising money for charity at the annual Cupid’s Undie Run. The festivities kick off at the Ballroom at 2pm.

Friday, February 14th: Starting at 11am, My Sweet Lil Cakes is giving away FREE hotcakes on a stick in celebration of their first year in biz. Find the orange truck across the street from Westlake Center before they run out. Continue Reading

Friday, February 14th, 5-8pm: The Volunteer Park Conservatory is hosting a Valentine’s Day cocktail tasting, featuring some badass spirits (gin, Aquavit, whiskey...) from Hardware Distillery. $25 gets you the cocktails and paired apps from area eat spots.

Friday, February 14th: The Crocodile's doing something called BowieVision, which is exactly what you think it is... if you think it is a bunch of that dude's music played by an eight piece band, while "stunning video projections" are shown behind 'em.

Ongoing: Professional Lego artist Dan Parker has build stunningly impressive models of... well, buildings like the Space Needle, Manhattan's Chrysler Building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, etc. and is showing 'em off at the EMP’s Block by Block.

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