Deals from Maria Hines & food from... Blue Scholars?!

Seattle Event of the Week
Friday, June 20th: Fear that adorable Lamb Chop no more! Bill the Butcher is teaching you how to break down a full lamb, from the neck to the shanks, in Magnolia from 7-8pm.

Friday, June 20th: Sadly Wine, Wings, and More, probably doesn't mean you actually get chicken wings, but it does mean the Museum of Flight's bringing in live music, food, a silent auction, and more than 30 wineries, starting at 6pm.
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Saturday, June 21st: Catch a movie old-time style at the LeMay Car Museum, which will be featuring various car-related movies because, they like cars, duh.

Monday, June 23rd: Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars doesn't just make dope records, he also makes good food, and he’ll prove it to you at his monthly pop-up, Food and Sh*t, where hopefully you’ll eat plenty of the former and not feel like the latter when it's over.

All weekend: Need a break from the beer gardens, crafts, and naked bicyclists at the Fremont Solstice Parade? Hit Maria Hines' Agrodolce, where they've got food specials (like the Fremont Fantasy -- a mini lamb burger & pint of Fremont Brewing Summer Ale) all weekend long.