A beer vs. wine smackdown and a chance to relive prom... only better

Suzi Pratt

Seattle Event of the (Next) Week
Wednesday, May 21st: Ahh, who could forget prom? The rented tuxedo, the limo, the corsage, that girl you never had a chance with... well, Linda’s Tavern is giving you the opportunity to relive the whole thing, complete with spiked punch, a DJ, prom photos, and unfortunately, probably even more girls you don't have a chance with.

Thursday, May 15th: Lloyd Martin's serving up four courses (roasted rack pork w/ mustard herb spaetzle, bacon waffles (!)) and pairing each of them with a different beer AND wine, so you can see what's best in the ultimate beer vs. wine dinner smackdown. Call 'em for a reservation Continue Reading

Saturday & Sunday, May 17th & 18th: It can be hard to think of a reason to hang on The Ave (umm, they have a bunch of college bars?), but this weekend it's easy, thanks to the University District StreetFair, featuring over 350 vendors stuffed in a 20-block area.

Dan Gentile

Next Week: Finally! An excuse to see the Mariners. Thursday, May 22nd is Sriracha Night, where your $25 ticket gets you a Sriracha T-shirt and a voucher for either a Sriracha cream dog, Sriracha garlic fries, or... even better (!)... a Sriracha milkshake.

Thursday, May 22nd: The Secret Show at The Triple Door only happens twice a year, get your ticket to their Secret Music Showcase now, so you don't miss out on tunes from... duh, it’s a secret. Actually, it's not, they're just sweet up-and-coming artists.