Vintage video games & beer in Fremont

Besides the advice someone must have given Jane Austen about how to spice up a novel, Add-a-Ball's also a suds-equipped basement arcade inside an old scooter repair shop stocked with a mess of vintage pinball machines and 8-bit-era video games like Ms. Pac-Man and R-Type, the latter of which is also like, totally the way popular girls describe dudes who play a lot of the former, right? Right!?!? Right.

Ways to amuse yourself and those popular chicks named Kristin at AaB include:

Pinball: Notable ballers include a '70s-era Jumping Jack arted with a Jack-in-the-Box that seemingly only pops up around comically buxom women in short shorts; the "relaxing" galactic-themed Stars by famed designers Stern; and a Kung Fu-inspired joint called Dragon Fist, also a gross move knights used to make pages do to giant fire-breathing lizards during Hell Fortnight.

Video Games: Boasting both standing and table-style machines, digital gaming options range from classics (Arkanoid, a Super Mario Bros. mod that boasts skateboards and other silliness), to an obscure Pac-Man rip-off called Mr. Do! Run Run, and Super Sprint, whose cell reception leaps tall buildings in a single bound...and never returns to your phone.

Other Stuff: AaB's also awesome 'cause it's got a mechanical 900lb soccer game with players that only move in a straight line, a range of slightly ironic beers (Oly, Rainier tallboys), and the only popcorn vending machine w/ a coin-operated microwave in the world, plus the whole place is run with a refreshingly casual nothing-costs-more-than-25-cents (and) sensibility.