Wisely combining adult beverages & kid games

Because Stratego is best enjoyed with a frosty beverage and an opponent who misuses their miners, this 7200sqft board/ card/ role-playing game emporium is also pouring pints from an actually sweet-all-by-itself full-service bar/cafe built on the premises, presumably by guys who, much like those miners, are not afraid to get bombed. To maximize your experience at CK & CM

First Do This: Pretend you're only ironically entering the blonde wood-heavy gaming repository (adorned with hardcore geekiness like chandeliers constructed of pages from role-playing books, and character-inspired murals, etc.), which features rooms dedicated to popular game categories, including the recently resurgent D&D-style RPGs; card games like the invented-in-Seattle Magic: The Gathering; and tabletop games like Monsterpocalypse where you can wage war as Voltron, something you might say you're not into, but everyone knows you're Lion.

Then Do This: Hit the stealthily geek-themed Cafe Mox (its name, subtle color scheme, etc. come from the aforementioned Magic) for a pint (Racer 5 IPA, Fremont Universale), bottled/canned suds (Hobgoblin Dark English, Rainier), or eats ranging from platters of bacon-wrapped pineapple/ water chestnut Ramaki, to honey-roasted peanut butter & raspberry jam sandwiches on Pullman white bread...though judging by eastern Washington's population makeup, that's kind of redundant.