Seattle's geekiest new cafe

In terms of imaginary weapons, the raygun ranks just behind Ray Kinsella's gun (which lets you take James Earl Jones hostage with just your finger!), but both pale in comparison to the Raygun Lounge, a Kickstarter-funded offshoot of Gamma Ray Games, with enough nosh (and eventually boozy drinks) to make tabletop gaming part of Cap Hill nightlife without having to resort to gathering Magic. Gradually being decked with geek-game inspired art, and visual nods to the donors who funded the place, the former Indian joint is dominated by six giant tables that'll play host to a variety of hardcore nerdery every night (yes, that means you, people who paint mini-figurines, and play Dungeons & Dragons Encounters, and know what "story games" are). Of course, you can also avoid awkwardly meeting people, and just stuff your face with previous tenant homage-ing dishes like naan-style chicken Tikka Masala sandwiches & samosas stuffed with chicken curry or stewed vegetables, or local faves like Beecher's Mac & Cheese, and grilled pies from High 5, which you'll already be doing to your buddies after crushing your opponents in something called Warmachine.For now beverages are limited to coffee from Caffe D'arte, and a full range of Mexican soft drinks, 'cause the guy behind RGL figured that instead of waiting for his liquor license, he'd just build it and they would come.