Use your legs to save your brains

You know that scene at the start of Silence of the Lambs when Jodie Foster is running in the woods and then zombies come from out of nowhere and eat her brain with a nice glass of chianti? What's that? That isn't how the scene ends? Well, it would, if that movie was as awesome as Run For Your Lives.

Just now hitting WA for the first time, Run For Your Lives is a wildly successful 5K obstacle course that's sort of like Tough Mudder meets The Running Walking Dead -- along the race, you must somehow navigate through 12 obstacles while trying to avoid "zombies" who're attempting to murder you for your delicious body parts. Or just take one of three flags you've got on your belt. If all your flags are captured before you finish the race, you've let down mankind, will be marked as "dead" when you reach the Safe Zone, and'll likely get dumped by your girlfriend, who will then immediately start making out with whoever actually survived the race at the Apocalypse Party afterwards.

Even if you're now dumped and dead, you'll still get gear (A sick t-shirt! A runner's bib! Some sort of medal!) and can go to that party too, where there will be bands, beer, "celebrity appearances", and games -- though hopefully not one called "put the lotion in the basket".