The Octane 120 Pro

Drinking and driving is no game, unless you're playing Cruisin' USA, in which case it is, and you're clearly at Dave & Busters. Get the thrill without leaving your home, thanks to The Octane 120 Pro.

A turbo-charged upgrade over its already amazing predecessor, the O120 Pro sports a dual-tap kegerator in the back of its classic arcade-style racecar cabinet, the invention of a Cali systems engineer who endeavored to create a present for his wife (apparently all she wanted for Christmas was to never see him again). On the brew front, any five-gallon keg can be attached to the system, which sports one tap in the back and another conveniently located near the dash cupholder, both powered by CO2, so you can hit the gas while the gas hits your beer. Gameage can fill a 9ft screen/wall thanks to a 1080p HD projector, comes stocked with a dozen OG driving games -- Off Road Thunder, San Francisco Rush, Championship Sprint -- and supports PS3 connectivity, because with such a booze-addled time waster on your hands, any box you were getting is sure to soon be "ex".

Rounding it out's the addition of a two-player joystick/track ball/six button controller that's used in conjunction with over 150 vintage offerings, from Centipede, to Pac-Man, to Rampage, which you better hope is a game, because drinking around a 30ft werewolf is just a terrible idea.