The 007 look

007's sartorial steez isn't the only explanation for his impressive run of sexual conquests, but without it Pussy Galore might have dwindled to the Odd Job. Exploring the fibers of his iconic look: The Suits of James Bond.

Authored by a freelance graphic designer seriously obsessed with Bond's ever-evolving look, SOJB meticulously examines the outfits worn by every Bond from Connery to Craig, and's "committed to providing all the answers one needs in order to dress tastefully in the manner of 007" -- who could ask for anything Moore? Broken down by flick, each entry features stills from choice scenes to accompany exhaustive, savant-level summaries, loaded with deets on specific designers/tailors, materials, cuts, accessories, real life garment history, and continuity issues, but not incontinent outfits, as even Commander Bond can't pull off the dapper diaper. Posts run from a discourse on the formal, fold-back "cocktail cuffs" rocked by both Moore and Connery in nine movies -- rumored to've been invented specifically for the character -- to footwear analysis (Moore apparently always wore slip-on loafers), to a breakdown of all the three-piece suits worn during visits to M's office, which leads with "most people would agree that George Lazenby isn't such a great actor, but...he knew how to wear his clothes" (a good thing, as nobody wanted to see his Thunderball).

There's also a quick reference guide for each flick, and even a reader poll to determine the most stylish Bond -- currently led by Connery, though what Sean's fitting into these days is more the result of what 008.

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