The 22 Worst Decisions You Can Make in Toronto

You live in Toronto -- the city of diversity, smart people, and 2am pho -- so your decision-making record is already pretty solid. But if you want to keep it truly unimpeached, you need to avoid doing these 22 things...

1. Going anywhere near Yonge-Dundas Square

Ever. For any reason. 

2. Agreeing to meet anyone at Union Station

You’ll never find each other. And you might never find your way out.

3. Showing up at a food festival starving

Rookie move. You know you’re going to spend more time in lines than actually eating, right? 

4. Trying to use the same jacket for fall and winter

You only make this mistake once

5. Underestimating wind chill

Especially if you’re still walking around in that fall jacket.

6. Leaving the house without a hat or gloves in winter

Prepare for all feeling to leave your ears and fingers. 

7. Letting friends convince you it’s a good idea to go to any of these bars

No good will ever come of it. There will be... regrets. 

8. Agreeing to go to a party or bar in the West End when you live East

Or vice versa.

9. Thinking you can rent a better place for less money

You’ll end up paying more for less. Stay where you are. 

10. Waiting until NYE to buy booze at the LCBO

There will be a line to get to the line to get in. 

11. Not giving yourself extra time to get where you need to go on the TTC

Your bus will short turn. Or be late. Or both.

12. Driving Downtown during rush hour

Or driving Downtown at any time, really.

13. Not eating your way through every Toronto neighbourhood

There’s Greek, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Korean, Japanese... the list goes on. It would be a crime to miss out. 

14. Taking transit to IKEA

That bookcase you want comes in six separate boxes. You aren’t going to fit it on the shuttle bus to get home.

15. Sitting in that one empty seat on the subway

It was empty for a reason. Next time, look first. 

16. Assuming there will be no one else at that apartment viewing

Did it sound affordable, above ground, and decent? Expect a feeding frenzy. 

17. Trying to get a seat on a patio on the first officially warm day

Good luck. Everyone in the city is trying to get on a patio. They’ve been hiding from the polar vortex since November. 

18. Waiting until after midnight to go to a bar

Seriously, just call it a night. Last call is at 2am.

19. Taking transit to the airport

OK, we know it’s way cheaper than taking a taxi, but it also takes three times as long. And time is money!

20. Choosing Grand Electric as a first date spot

You’ll spend more time waiting to get a table than getting to know each other at that table. 

21. Being anywhere near the Danforth during Taste of the Danforth

Or near College St during Taste of Little Italy. So. Many. People. 

22. Thinking you’ll make good time to the cottage on the Friday before a long weekend

Prepare to spend a lot of time in your car. Not moving.

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