This ATLien is the ultimate hustler

You know a guy is destined to succeed when he's got more than one way to make a living; take the example of actor/ director/ painter/ poet/ teacher/ Ph.D student James Franco, who definitely has those first two things as ways to make a living. Get acquainted with a guy whose hustle is both cheaper and of greater use to you: Travis Does Anything.Refusing to be a job market casualty, TDA's a Tumblr set up by local copywriter Travis Broyles, which tracks the results of an epic, just-posted Craigslist ad entitled "I Do Anything", in which he offers to do everything from stare at you for five minutes to literally recreate the best or worst day of your life for a set price, swearing that he wants to "encourage people to test me", which should tell him once and for all if he's ready to go viral. Chores start as low as $5, which covers tasks like "draw your face on a balloon", or 6mins of copywriting; for $10 he'll double the writing, "spin until I throw up or you lose interest", or "rename your Pokémon", and for $50 he'll break things off with your GF or attempt to take flight in a public place, presumably unless said place is Hartsfield-Jackson. Toss him a hundo and he'll do stuff like clean "most of your house" or deliver five cooked DiGiornos (only w/i five miles of his crib); for a grand, he'll hide in your bushes and take paparazzi pics of you, give a PowerPoint presentation to your business/family on team building, or construct a cardboard car "and make 'vroom-vroom' sounds as you drive it", so entertaining, you won't realize this dude is kinda taking you for a ride.If you've got $100k lying around, pick that stuff up, man! you can get Travioli to be your personal copywriter for 84 straight days (bargain!), change his political/spiritual leanings, screen your phone calls for five years, or even yell your name every morning when he wakes up for the rest of his life, which James Franco could also probably do, except it would totally disturb his class.