Underground Rebel Bingo

Taking something wholesome and making it debaucherous can be downright offensive, so definitely don't Google image "Marge Simpson nude" right now. Definitely. Now stop not Googling that blue-haired minx and check out more formerly wholesome debauchery with Underground Rebel Bingo.Finally coming to Echo Park after months of polite teasing, URB's an insider-only game/party night in a to-be-revealed-to RSVPers-locale, started by a British reality-show producer who claims to have accidentally come across a Bingo set in the basement of an abandoned church, though why he was in there in the first place, God only knows...literally. The actual game's rules are a bit undefined; they use a card with only 15 squares, and have an entry code w/ guidelines like "no old or boring people", "no stag parties," and "no customer service" -- so wait, the secret location is actually just a Ross Dress for Less? And if just playing Bingo's not quite enough mayhem, there're also DJs, booze, and a crazy-ass stage show, which will apparently involve scantily clad dancers and fire, the latter of which is not as cool now that Calen Carr's been traded to Houston.In addition, once you've gotten the location, you'll only be let in if you give the doorman a cover story, which in the past have ranged from saying you're at a meeting for the Noise Abatement Society, to saying you're attending one for Health And Safety, though if you can't remember either, he could also probably be convinced by some Doh.