Upper Left Bias

It can be difficult for people from Seattle to follow the NBA, especially when you get to that tricky I-87/USRT-212 interchange east of Billings, and realize you're still 915 miles from Oklahoma City. For artistic renderings from a guy who follows the whole league now that the Sonics are gone, check out Upper Left Bias.

The work of a graphic designer/"lost Seattle fan" who wasn't quite angry enough to stop watching hoops (but still, like, pretty mad) when Detlef Schrempf's favorite squad skipped town, ULB's a Tumblr that gently mocks/celebrates the NBA with colorfully punny visuals that're totally Some of the sweetest stuff

Bob Koozie: Part of a series of food/drink based cleverness (Charles Broccoli, Detlef Shrimp!) this one portrays the Cs' "Houdini of the Hardwood" as a can of beer, suggesting his real magical ability was somehow still being able to earn the last part of that nickname

Hoosiers: A tribute (complete with a warning about letting the paint dry) to Dennis Hopper's decision to "run the picket fence at 'em", a play you'd be crazy to call without a good Shooter.

Too Many Urkels On Your Team: Quoting Kanye's explanation for "why your wins low" it shows three Clippers players (including current Cav Baron Davis) in geeky glasses, a look usually associated with being (Jaleel) White.

Other pieces include a series depicting the League's stars as Superheros (Amare as Dr. Manhattan, Ron Artest as the Punisher), and some NW-repping numbers including an ode to Downtown Freddie Brown, and one capturing the sentiments of fans in Seatte the first time they heard Clay Bennett's name Portland, "We're F***ed".