Homage properly paid to South GA's most famous vegetable

There're countless quirky museums in the world, from one for Pez Memorabilia in CA, to Texas' Devil's Rope Museum, which it turns out is about barbed wire, and not an even more pointless version of his Stix. Giving a famous local vegetable a proper shrine, the Vidalia Onion Museum.

Opening this weekend, the VOM's a bulbous temple using interactive exhibits to celebrate the economic, culinary, and cultural significance of the city's breath-crippling world-renowned produce: garlic. Just kidding, Vidalia onions. There'll be displays such as "Living Exhibit" (the world's smallest registered growing onion field), "Onion Town" with photos and plaques detailing how the city historically honors the plant (Miss Vidalia Onion pageant? Hell yes!), a vast, handpainted, 3D mural explaining why they're so sweet (low sulfur in GA's soil), and "Vidalias in Pop Culture", which notes that they've even played a part in solving a case on CSI: Miami, a crime so perfect it could almost make you...cry. YEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! The museum'll also be a focal point for the annual town-wide Vidalia Onion Festival, which'll also feature an onion-eating competition, and tasting sessions (onion rings, sausages, BBQ, lemonades...), plus a live show from sexy American Idol star Kellie Pickler, who they're not planning on telling has accidentally committed to the wrong very-specific food festival.

The Fest'll also be hitting you with bronco/bull riding, steer wrestling, and goat tying, plus an airshow with Parisian fighter jets and parachute demos from US Special Ops, rides in the Voodoo Monster Truck, freestyle motocross expos, and a classic car show, none of which'll make up for the fact that they won't have some hippie endlessly spinning a stick around with two other, slightly different sticks.