3 *new* things to do in DC before it turns cold

Water Things DC Main

Even though you might have to put away those white linen pants, don't toss off your sweet sailors cap, too, because we've got three new boat-based activities you've got to crush before the end of September. Ships (and other stuff), ahoy:

Water Things DC boathouse

Ballpark Boathouse
Located just outside Nats Stadium, hit this spot up to rent single and double kayaks with life jackets/paddles/cushions before cruising around Hains Point, or stick around Yards Park, where on Fridays you can watch movies from the water, though hopefully they won't be viewing Jaws.
This could be you, being awesome

Water Things DC Pirate

Boomerang Pirate Ship
From the same crew that brought you the Boomerang party boat, this 90-person capacity cruiser is fitted w/ water cannons, a DJ booth, and party deck, plus a galley where you'll "plunder some grog with the wenches". And we all know wenches love them some grog!
Book your cruise now with friends, or find someone rich and rent the whole thing out

Water Things DC Sailboat

Weekend Sailing Courses at MD School of Sailing & Seamenship
Make SO MANY Captain Ron jokes as you jump aboard a 30ft sailboat in the Chesapeake Bay for a four-day (overnight), hands-on course that'll teach you how to properly operate (tacking/jibbing/etc.) a boat of this size in coastal and bay areas.
Check out sexy, revealing pictures of the boats and book a weekend trip here