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Washington DC

Sickweather: Sickweather crowd-sources real-time data from social networks to report trending symptoms, and was created by a group of dudes who grew up "playing in bands and sharing germs"...more

What Hillary Whispered: Created by a shadowy first-time, WHW's an all-in-good-fun collection of hilarious, imagined captions to pictures of Hillary playing human telephone...more

FastCustomer: Fast is a recently released (and even more recently made free) iPhone and Android app that simply and effectively flips the script on the customer service rep by making them call you...more

Surc: A combo iPhone app/physical tool that'll let you clutterlessly manage "virtually all the infrared-controlled devices in your life"...more

The National Mall by Bluebrain: The DC-based electronic duo's just released their first "location-aware album": a mobile app designed to "play exclusively within the boundaries of the National Mall"...more

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