Zed's apparently <em>not</em> dead

Long before anyone in Hollywood cared about The Lorax, Bobcat Goldthwait was making them care about the larynx, unleashing his unforgettable voice while acting, directing, and shrieking stand-up, which's exactly what he'll be doing at the Riot Act Thurs-Sat. In anticipation of a side-/ear-splitting good time, we asked him to share some thoughts on Virginia Beach, spin the tale behind his nickname, and dump about the Police Academy set, which apparently wasn't anything he hadn't done before.

How'd you get your nickname? Honestly.
I've had it for so long... When I was doing comedy, I started with Tom Kenny [the voice of SpongeBob]. I've know him since I was 6yrs old. We were doing comedy with our friend Barry. One day he came in and said he wanted to be "Bearcat". Tommy and I, being snide little pr**ks, both went "well that's fun because our names are Bobcat and Tomcat". But the joke kind of backfired, because I'm gonna be 50 this year and I'm Bobcat, and they're Tom and Barry.
If you could go back and change your nickname, what do you think you might change it too?
Umm... Ghostface Killa? Baby Jesus?
How did you develop the voice?
Well, kind of the idea of going on stage and trying to pretend that you're calm and cool would have been harder for me. Kind of just using the energy and nervousness… and then just doing it. I was always a fan of persona comedians like Groucho Marx or Andy Kaufman.
Right. Well in that case --
[Interrupting] I've never been too freaked out about where the extra sock goes in the dryer, or the fact that hot dogs come in packs of eight and buns in 10 or whatever. That never really blew my mind.
Do you think Zed ever regrets selling out and entering the Police Academy?
You mean like in Police Academy 40 would he be, like, drawn back into the world of crime? Yeah, I'm sure he probably got a lot more play when he was a gangster than a cop.
Is there one thing people should know that wasn't publicized about those films?
That wasn't publicized? That it was all done with CGI? I don't know what you mean... I don't know any dark secrets.
Just maybe something on set that was funny?
Like, was I going out with Leslie Easterbrook?
Was there tear gas huffing?
Oh. You know we weren't real, right? You know it was all a movie, right? It wasn't a documentary?
Thanks. No, just wasn't sure if there was anything funny that happened.
I remember taking a huge dump in Steve Guttenberg's trailer and not flushing it, if that's what you are looking for.
It is! So... One Crazy Summer! Did you ever have one crazy summer?
Are you asking me if I ever had a summer where I wore a Godzilla suit and ran around with Demi Moore and John Cusack? Oddly enough, the making of that movie was my one crazy summer. Joel Murray just reminded me that apparently at one point, I got a hold of Cusack's credit card and started ordering things from late night commercials, like freedom rock albums. Joel actually stars in the new movie I just made.
While we're on that flick [God Bless America, which features a Virginian high school lass murdering celebrities], did you know going in that Virginia Beach was full of homicidal teenage girls?
[Laughing] No, I didn't know that. I was just trying to pick a place I could drive in one night from Syracuse. I don't even know why I picked Virginia Beach. Maybe it was a place I secretly wanted to go if we could have afforded it.
And finally, when we interviewed Gilbert Gottfried and asked him who would win in a steel cage match between you two, he said he thought that the world would explode. What do you think?
If he and I got in a cage match? Is this no holds barred? If there's eye-gouging and genital-pulling, I'm pretty sure Gottfried would win.