Pimp your remnants

Published On 11/18/2011 Published On 11/18/2011

Because the stuffing doesn't end on Thanksgiving, we asked some of DC's best chefs to tell us what to do with the leftovers.

Grandma’s Carcass Soup Jeff Tunks, District Commons With a slightly misleading title, the man in charge of the Commons is passing down an actually not cannibalistic family recipe for a super simple soup using any turkey meat you've still got kicking around.

Get the blessedly short step by step on how to make this right here

Turkey Rillettes Spread Kyle Bailey, Birch & Barley For your fancy black tie leftovers party, Bailey suggests shredding some dark meat in a blender, mixing in warm pan juice/ roasted vegetables, and refrigerating overnight for a pate so delicious, you can serve it without anything else and still have guests exclaiming "look at that spread!".

Christen your kitchen with this upscale creation

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie John Critchley, Urbana Put KFC's Famous Bowls to shame with this Dupont chef's recipe, which would have you top cubed turkey with a gravy ragu and leftover whipped potatoes that're "baked until brown", but only because their girlfriend demanded they stay in the tanning bed until she was satisfied.

Herd your guests towards deliciousness with this puppy

Leftover Turkey Hash Brant Tesky, Acadiana Tesky reinvigorates T-day's "tasty morsels" by hitting ground turkey & diced veggies with runny poached eggs and a little gravy on top, which he asserts will bring back the turkey's "glamour", Turkey Glamour being a magazine with articles like "six things to cluck in bed that will make him gobble gobble!".

This one's a keeper -- peep it here



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