By far the coolest way to get your forecast

Having an incredible memory can be both a blessing and a curse -- sure, you'll never be able to forget the horror of Battlefield Earth, but on the bright don't have to look up the number for the suicide hotline! Remembering the elements at any moment: WeatherSpark.

From a pair of Ivy-educated weather nerds, WS's a crazy in-depth meteorological analysis engine offering up a seriously comprehensive forecast for any spot in the world, while also letting you dig up the atmospheric conditions nearly anywhere on earth at any moment in time since stations began collecting data, as apparently sentient androids who hilariously don't understand human emotions are of great interest to organizations that report the weather. Letting you switch among the US government, Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and World Weather Online predictions, the forecast's presented via an intuitive interface dropping a large map (pinpointing the closest weather station) on one side, while the other rocks detailed line graphs revealing temp info, precipitation levels, and cloud coverage, which according to Windows, is pretty much everywhere. You can also get daily weather info dating back to 1950 including:

-Hourly cloud cover -Temp flux throughout the day, overlaid with a line graph of record highs/lows -Precipitation type/levels -Wind speed/direction & atmospheric pressure readings -Elevation angle of the sun

They even go so far as to lay down the predicted daily averages all the way through the end of 2012, not much use unless the hotline can convince you not to end it all after watching it.