Who Is That Hot Ad Girl

Anonymous hot chicks may have a mysterious allure, but at some point it's nice to have a concrete idea of exactly who it is that's never, ever going to sleep with you. Unveiling the reality of smoking advertising avatars: Who Is That Hot Ad Girl

From a dude duo separately inspired by unknown honeys in Taco Bell/Right Guard commercials, Hot Ad Girl's a "one stop shop database" for discovering who that hot chick selling you stuff is (w/ embedded YouTube clips and Wiki links), info they attain via a "secret" brew of industry contacts and internet scouring, where the quest for knowledge of the boob tube can easily be derailed by them. Some revelations:

Who's the hot girl: " that 'Me Or Buster' Miller Lite commercial?"She's: Rachel SpecterAnd: "Rachel has acted in such movies as The House Bunny and Alone In The Dark II. However, she is most widely recognized for being super hot in commercials.

Who's the hot girl: " the Aria Resort and Casino Las Vegas commercial"She's: Renee PuenteAnd: "[She's] a model and singer from Los Angeles. From the commercial, this stuff happens all the time in Las Vegas. Meet hot model, set the bar on fire and then your life turns into a Skinemax movie.

Who's the hot girl: " the Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste 'Interview' commercial?"She's: Carolina BrandaoAnd: "She is a Brazilian model who is hot because she' know Brazilian and they're all hot.

Who's the hot girl: "...'Kiki' in the Keith Stone Keystone Light beer commercial?"She's: Meghan OryAnd: "[She's] a 28 year old Canadian actress who's guest starred in the 2008 version of Knight Rider, Smallville and Flash Gordon. She's going to be in Final Destination 5 where she will die a horrible death.

And, should you have someone you're pining for, they take on submissions, because, hey, what good is knowing who won't sleep with you if everyone else doesn't know she won't sleep with you too?