Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?

It's no secret that sex sells -- seriously, those prude-ass deodorant commercials aren't moving any product. Because some commercials actually do have sexy girls in them: Who Is That Hot Ad Girl? From two NYC ad men who now watch TV exclusively for the commercials (ESPN's a hub for hot chicks, they say!), Hot Ad Girl uses a combo of internet sleuthing and industry contacts to identify commercials' most fetching women, who ironically will have you coming back again and again, and drooling. To the hotties!: Who's the hot girl: " the Miller Lite European man thong commercial?" She's: Sabina Gadecki And: She's married to the Golden State Warriors' David Lee, and she's the 2002 Miss Western Massachusetts, meaning she probably only hates the man thong dude because he's not wearing extra long jean shorts. Who's the hot girl: " that 'Free Bike' H&R Block commercial?" She's: Sara Racey-Tabrizi And: A former contestant on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model who happens to be Iranian, she vehemently despises that egomaniacal despot along with the rest of the world, and also disagrees with quite a few of Ahmadinejad's policies. Who's the hot girl:: " the 'Magic Jingle Bob Barker' State Farm commercial?" She's: Nichole O'Connor And: She's starred in Honda and McDonalds commercials, plus a soon-to-release flick called Project X -- fitting, as her current resume is marked with spots. And should you fall for some hot unidentifiable ad girl of your own, they're more than happy to take requests, because while staring at hot girls is great, the inability to further internet stalk them is the pits.