Wing Quest 2011

For centuries there was often no clear way to resolve bar disputes, which is why Guinness created its Book of World Records, offering debaters a definitive answer to almost everything, and the chance to look at crazily fat twins on motorcycles. For a blog started after a barroom disagreement over hot wings, eat up WingQuest2011

WQ11's a blog-slash-wing-review site started by four dudes who, one night out, couldn't agree on anything except the wings they were eating were crap, spurring them to find and document the best ones in Philly using such criteria as wing & sauce flavor, messiness, establishment cleanliness, and "aftermath" -- so...they're looking for Eats By Dre? Not-terribly-great-scoring joints include Ten Stone Bar & Restaurant, whose cozy Rittenhouse digs apparently justified the $9 price tag on some otherwise baseline wings; Jenkintown's Buckets, reviewed only because they were $.20 a pop; and Northeast's Benny the Bum's, who produces "the most average, non-exceptional wings" in Philly -- at least until box lacrosse season rolls around again! Not even you can save them, Ryan Boyle! Getting saucier are the kitchens of Fado's ("They were cooked to perfection. Perfection!") and Frankford's Grey Lodge, with reviews like "the Atomic wings are billed as being hotter than the nuclear, and since none of us are scientists, we can't really refute the logic" and "don't eat three in a row, you will regret it", presumably meaning the wings, although it's probably not a great idea to eat more than two scientists back-to-back, either

They're plenty open to reader ideas on new spots to cover, and they've already planned upcoming reviews on Fergie's, Sweet Lucy's, and Pub & Kitchen, also the best two places to hang out if you and your motorcycle-loving bro are trying to get next to that dude with like 400 clothespins on his face.