Your very own random start-up generator

Spotting fakes can be tough, especially considering the dudes from Milli Vanilli aren't that tall, and're now both sporting completely different haircuts. Get fooled by fakes that're even more hilariously stupid than Rob and Fab, at

Launched last weekend by the dudes behind a real-life, almost identically named seed-stage funding firm that has thrown cash behind online gold mines like Reddit, Dropbox, and Loopt, Ykombinator pokes fun at the sometimes repetitious world of next-big-things, automatically generating fictitious start-up splash pages that're complete with logic-challenged pitches and names that sound like they could be real, including PingHub,, and Poketopia, also what Mark Zuckerberg plans to call Neverland Ranch after he buys it. Each page comes with a generic-enough-to-sound-believable description -- "Gigapoke: A vibrant virtualized marketplace (with sprinkles)" -- plus a paragraph of jargon that mocks everyone from superpowers Apple and Twitter to super nerdy World of Warcraft and TechCrunch, which is what Mark Zuckerberg plans to call the Cap'n's cereal after he buys Quaker Oats. The site also allows you to enter an email address for fake start-up updates (that, when entered, redirects you to a page that tells you you're an idiot), plus you can embarrassingly tweet out a link to the splash page with the message "OMG NeoPlex is the next Quora!! #omgnextquora", which would probably be even more hilarious if you actually knew what Quora was.

And because they feel somewhat guilty needlessly tricking you, after a 15 second delay, a status bar'll pop up that lets you in on the joke, i.e. "Buildoola isn't real. It's a brilliant randomly generated start-up", then hooks you up with a link to register a real start-up, or generate a new fake one, though if you get fooled again you can always just Blame it on the Feign.