Undergrounds Unite

To achieve true greatness, superlative individuals must join forces to become more than the sum of their parts -- best demonstrated when six uniquely impressive men performed science bukkake to create Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins. Colluding to feed you, Undergrounds Unite, now taking reservations

A recurring series of 150+ seat communal dinners served in an undisclosed Manhattan loft, Unite's a Wilburys-like supergroup of five underground supper clubs: Ghetto Gourmet, Whisk & Ladle, Studiofeast, Homeslice West, and Light-Bulb Oven ("accidentally" eating Play-Doh burgers since '77).

The affairs run 15 courses, w/ each club preparing three dishes, this month's being Thanksgiving themed, e.g.: Studiofeast's Japanese fusion pork belly w/ cranberries, Light-Bulb's locavorian pumpkin remoulade w/ brown butter and candied pecans, and southern action from Homeslice like slow-roasted red pepper soup w/ Dungeness crab, and turducken, an aberration that's becoming so popular, the Almighty's considering its inclusion in Earth II.

Unite's also serving suds sponsored by Pilsner Urquell, chips from Stacy's, and dark chocolate from Scharffen Berger -- based in Cali, and secretly run by the Swedish Chef

Unite's first dinner's Nov 14, with more planned tentatively for every other month thereafter. Seating's obviously limited, but try to make this one, or risk feasting on the salty Danny DeVito produced by your uniquely unimpressive delivery zone.