Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch

An exhibit goes a long way towards establishing credibility: without its place in the PMA, Marcel Duchamp's Fountain was just a urinal, and without his similarly pronounced name, Alvin Nathaniel Joiner was just a dude that heard you liked rides, so he put a horse in your ride so you could ride while you ride. Lending exhibit credibility to the weird, The Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch.

The M of K is the first-ever open-to-the-public exhibition of the 100,000+ piece chotchkie collection from Allee Willis, the definitely-not-insane songwriter who made millions on "Neutron Dance", which you'd have remembered as that song your bar mitzvah DJ loved, if you hadn't been so busy grinding on chicks and drinking spit sips of wine! Among the choice pieces of her collection: a plastic bank in the shape of Mr. T's head, with no possible way to remove the coins that you drop in; a 1968 cookbook offering up specific tips on cooking up hot dogs; a whiskey dispenser abetted with pipes called the "Plastered Plumber", and a 50's-era pink stein in the shape of Mr. Peanut, which she also owns in red, blue, mint green, beige, and yellow, because... well, why not? In addition, open-to-the-public parties on both the opening and closing night will feature psuedo celebs (Willis is friends with Angelyne) kitsch-themed snack food from Susan Feniger's Street (homemade cracker jacks, etc) and a cash bar, with the closing night party featuring a sing-off of Willis's other hit, "September" -- prizes TBA, but since no one in the audience will be able to rid their brain of the song for weeks, everybody wins!

There'll also be raffles, with the winner getting a private tour of Willis's home, which houses her entire collection, although seeing the whole thing is just Ludacris.