Every Outdoor Movie Screening in Boston This Summer

With the New England weather finally (hopefully) cooperating, it’s time to start choosing when, where, and how often you should pack up your picnic blanket and catch a great movie outdoors. To help, we’ve put together this master calendar of every al fresco Boston screening under the sun and stars this summer.

Jaws | Universal Pictures

On Golden Pond

Bring your parents and/or tissues to this classic tearjerker.


One of Cher’s greatest acting roles (and one of Nicolas Cage’s last great ones).

Secret Life of Pets

Yes, they misbehave in your absence.

Nine Lives

Do you think Kevin Spacey and Bill Murray ever get together and talk about the times they voiced cartoon cats?

Notting Hill

Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, and a charming London neighborhood you could never afford to live in.


Watch New England get terrorized by the iconic shark at this Narragansett-sponsored screening.
The Notebook
The Notebook | New Line Cinema

Captain America

Chris Evans’ transformation from 99-pound weakling to buff crime-fighter is simply Marvel-ous (sorry).

Secret Life of Pets

Those pets, man.


Guess what Kevin James’ character plays in this one.

Secret Life of Pets

While the owners are away, the dogs, cats, and mice will play.

The Notebook

Predicted female-to-male ratio: 100,000 to one.


One more time for the koalas in the back.


And another opportunity to see this animated hit.

Cheaper by the Dozen

A bunch of children and a working mother. Hapless father hijinks ensue.

The Jungle Book

Retreating to the jungle away from mankind sounds pretty good right about now.

The Jungle Book

Also, Mowgli and Baloo have the best bromance ever.

The Jungle Book

Did you know Jon Favreau directed this one?

Little Mermaid

Yes, its feminist bona fides are suspect at best, but you have to love the soundtrack.

Finding Dory

It’s like a proactive Waiting for Godot.

Finding Dory

It’s easy to forget that Ellen (Mr. Right) is a great actress
Jungle Book (2016)
Jungle Book (2016) | Walt Disney Studios

Wreck-It Ralph

For everyone nostalgic about arcade games.


A classic that only gets better with age.


For what it’s worth, it’s our niece’s favorite movie of 2017 (so far).


Back-to-back viewings!

Toy Story 3

Have a few laughs while being totally depressed about your favorite childhood toys.


It makes us cry, every time.

Shaun the Sheep

From the geniuses behind Wallace and Gromit.

Little Giants

A throwback guilty pleasure with Rick Moranis, Ed O’Neill, and John Madden.


Here’s looking at you, waterfront.

Lego Batman Movie

Lego Will Arnett can do no wrong.

Lego Batman Movie

We repeat: Lego Will Arnett can do no wrong.

Jungle Book (2016)

And update on the cartoon version, but just as charming.

Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the titular weirdo MD.

Star Wars: Rogue One

Gritty and totally awesome.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

As light and pleasurable as a loukoumade.

Star Wars: Rogue One

Stick around for the amazing cameo at the end.
Top Gun
Top Gun | Paramount Pictures

Fever Pitch

Hopefully the Red Sox will be in the midst of a pennant race, or else this will just be depressing.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

The ant is still terrifying.

Top Gun

Catch up with Maverick, Iceman, and the gang before the sequel comes out.

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Meaghan Agnew is a writer in Boston. Find her opinions about animated movies on Twitter and Instagram at @meaghandeth.