Everything You Can Do in Boston This Memorial Day Weekend

Lobster rolls to-go and cooking lessons from Barbara Lynch.

It’s the first long weekend of our pandemic lives. But we’re not here to kvetch -- we’re here to tell you how to make the best of it. Step 1: play hooky today (if possible!) and go get some socially distant sun. Step 2: Treat yourself well in all ways possible, whether it’s eating a couple of lobster rolls, buying locally grown produce for your front porch barbecue, or taking a cooking class with a master. Step 3:  As always, there are plenty of ways you can support the local dining, grocer, dispensary, fitness, and drinking scenes. And above all: Follow all state guidelines while you do so. Here is everything you must do in Boston this Memorial Day weekend.

Learn how to drink progressively

Friday, May 22
Time to refine your weekend wine game. Every Friday from 5-6pm, the folks at The Urban Grape will chat about their Progressive Scale -- their organization of wine by body rather than varietal -- and walk you through a few choice bottles. The weekly wines will be announced well in advance, so you can purchase them ahead of time and taste along. PS: The shop has also reintroduced its corporate wine tasting program, which is the only surefire way to make your endless Zoom calls more palatable.
Cost: Class is free; corporate tastings are $40 per person (email Lydia Gill for more info and to book)

Master some Barbara Lynch classics

Friday, May 22 - Sunday, May 24
You can’t keep a great teaching kitchen down. Stir has morphed into Stir at Home, offering virtual group cooking classes Thursdays through Sundays. The Thursday and Friday virtual events mimic Stir’s interactive, in-person dinner parties, while Saturdays and Sundays are lower key, virtual demos. 
Cost: $75 per household for virtual dinner party; $50 per household for virtual demo; cooking kits can also be added

Schedule a cheese consult 

Friday, May 22 - Sunday, May 24
Cheese will always cure what ails. So reach out to the cheesemongers at Curds & Co. for a one-on-one phone appointment; they’ll help you choose your brie or blue of choice -- and then pick the perfect wine to complement your spread.
Cost: Prices vary

Take that “trip” to Kripalu you’ve always wanted

Friday, May 22 - Sunday, May 24
Doesn’t a remote retreat in Western Mass sound heavenly right now? But until that can happen, there’s the newly launched Kripalu Connect, an on-demand video streaming service from the famed yoga and health center that includes yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, breathwork, and cooking demos.
Cost: $19.99 a month

Treat yourself to a lobster feast

Friday, May 22 - Sunday, May 24
Our local fishermen are suffering disproportionately right now, owing to people’s reluctance to stock up on fresh fish. So drive on up to Gloucester and hit up Cape Ann Lobstermen for insanely good deals on chicken, cull, and bigger lobsters. 
Cost: Prices vary

Grab your grilling meats and veggies from a local farmer

Friday, May 22 - Monday, May 25
Like us, you’ve likely been desperate to support local farmers and purveyors but also a little stymied as to how to do so. The newly launched Farmstanding makes the process much easier, providing a one-stop remote spot to search for local farms, fisheries, meat purveyors, and others offering delivery or curbside pickup.
Cost: Prices vary

Treat yourself to a g-d takeout lobster roll already

Friday, May 22 - Monday, May 25
You know what marks the official start of summer? Ordering a lobster roll through a window in some classic New England vacation locale. You know what we can’t do right now? Same. But you know who understands that? A LOT of our local restaurateurs. So partake in the ritual at spots like Cusser’s, The Barking Crab, and The Window at Row 34, which are recreating the lobster rolls-to-go experience as best they can. 
Cost: Always worth it

Support local, Black-owned businesses

Friday, May 22 - Monday, May 25
One of the many disparities revealed by this pandemic is that minority-owned businesses are being disproportionately affected. So several black-owned businesses have taken matters into their own hands, forming the Boston Black Hospitality Coalition to bring attention and needed resources to the city’s essential businesses. 
Cost: Give generously if you can

Help feed a healthcare worker

Friday, May 22 - Monday, May 25
Our nurses, social workers, doctors, home health aides, and custodial staff are out there on the front lines every day fighting for us, often with inadequate equipment. Let’s do what we can to keep them well. Cafe Landwer is giving you the opportunity to “Adopt a Nurse, Doctor, or Pharmacist” by purchasing breakfasts or lunches for the hospital of your choice. Meantime, Off Their Plate is raising funds to feed hospital workers while also supplying lost wages to restaurant workers -- for every $100 donated, you send 10 meals to frontline workers and restore three shift hours to the restaurant community. 
Cost: $30-$100 for meals from Cafe Landwer

And feed some restaurant workers, too

Friday, May 22 - Monday, May 25
This is a national effort, but you can focus your efforts on Boston folks. Through the LEE Initiative, Blue Dragon is now a relief center for local restaurant workers who are laid off or dealing with severely reduced hours. Every night the restaurant offers hundreds of to-go meals that folks can come to pick up and take home. 
Cost: Your normal weekend dining budget -- so give here

Support the local food community at the Safe Supply Market

Saturday, May 23 - Sunday, May 24
Bow Market
Eternal love to Bow Market for bringing a bit of (relative normalcy) to our lives. The outdoor market will feature appropriately spaced regional vendors hawking fresh fish, meat, produce, dairy, and pantry staples. You just have to book your 30-minute visit in advance and wash your hands when you get there. Oh, and no touching -- the vendors will handle and bag everything for you. 
Cost: Free, but you must register to attend

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