We're Going Back

It's always comforting to find other people who share your interests, unless that interest is your wife. Or worse, reading. For a convention that promises a shared interest in neither of those things, hit up We're Going Back

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of the movie that found Michael J. Fox almost boning his mom, We're Going Back is a week-long celebration of BTTF with tons of nutso activities related to the two Delorean-infused classics, and a kind-of-lame Western featuring Mary Steenburgen. Among the awesome

Nov 5: This day'll feature a live-action recreation of Doc Brown being kidnapped by the Libyans in the parking lot of the Puente Hills Mall -- the exact mall lot they used in the first film, though the fact that the JC Penney visible in the movie is now a Linens N' Things is a Hot Topic. Forever 21!

Nov 8: Hit up "Hoverboarding 101" w/ the actual special effects team that worked on the movie setting up a ream of interactivity, ranging from ziplining a la saving the clocktower, to a green-screen'd simulation of riding a skateboard that floats, which they'll turn into a personal DVD -- the perfect gift for that special person in your life you've clearly stopped caring about.

Nov 12: Throw on your sexiest poodle skirt and hit the intimate re-do of the Enchantment Under The Sea dance, w/ signings from movie actors (the dude who played the Principal; the non-Glover George McFly, etc), a 50s cover band, a costume contest, and host "Marvin Berry", who'll hopefully b. goode

In case that's not enough, they've got tons of other stuff, from an auction of props (the BTTF2 Nike kicks) and costumes, to a Q & A with BTTF's director Robert Zemeckis, who also directed both Forrest Gump and Death Becomes Her -- the exact statement you told your wife when you discovered her in bed while you were at work, reading.