Oh this is so awesome

Foam's versatility gives it a variety of uses, though to be fair -- outside of Cancun -- most are super disappointing. Now using it to beat the crap out of other dudes, the Foam Weapon League.Breaking out their first open-to-the-public series of bouts this Saturday, the FWL's a professional-wrestling-esque group of Craigslist-curated "real life superheroes" who fight exclusively using made-for-movies-and-LARPing foam weapons, started and developed by a horror movie actress and one of the producers of MANswers, which takes care of "burning questions men are dying to ask" like "can you please change the name of your show?". Unlike 'Nam, there are rules: each participant's fitted with a custom harness featuring water balloon-esque bags of fake blood in vital areas; over the course of three referee-judged one-minute rounds, the goal's to shatter two of your opponent's bags, apparently because if you were in a real knife fight, "you may survive one hit, but not two" -- a phrase taken to heart by Milli Vanilli. Characters are alarmingly over-the-top, with favorites including "3Pac", who's covered in 2pac tattoos and dresses like a Spartan warrior; "The Squid", who travels with his also-costumed dog; and a squire-and-wench-posse'd "Prince Harming", also what happens when you change your name to a symbol that people aren't sure how to say. The event on Saturday's got a cash bar w/ beer and liquor, and the whole thing's being taped for possible inclusion in an upcoming TV show, so this time around try not to be too Wild On E.