Fempire Strikes Back

For a sequel to improve upon its original, it must feel bigger, contain more characters, and finally solve the mystery of where Curly hid his gold. Giving you all the semi-nude sequel you can handle: The Fempire Strikes Back.TFSB's the latest burlesquiness from the nerd-friendly Devil's Playground girls, who've enhanced their crowd-pleasing Star Warz show w/ better costumes, more characters, and gratis boozin' -- giving it a vibe similar to the digitally-enhanced cantina scene, especially since it'll now be very clear who took the first shot. Though the overall idea is the same (chicks dressed as Star Wars characters get nearly naked), explicit details are being held-close-to-the-vestchest, but expected newness includes a familiar robot transforming into something Mad Max-ian, a hint of what a hairless wookie looks like, and an Imperial spaceship that transforms into an actual woman (sooo... Death Star Jones?). If that's not enough to get you in, you're crazy/don't live with your parents, but fear not as they've also got complimentary booze doled out by Sino Tequila, and the girls plan to stick around in-costume for socializing and photos after the show -- so feel free to try to pick them up, if you're a real (storm) trooper.The DP girls'll also be heading down to ComiCon in San Diego in a couple weeks for a greatest-hits show that'll feature not just Star Wars characters, but also those culled from comic books and videogames, giving it all the major ingredients needed for a successful sequel, except for Jon Lovitz getting shot in the stomach during a fight for fake gold.