Fortunate Sun

Marriage can lead to great things: kids, a soulmate to join you on life's journey, and hilarious TV shows that're even now reviving the career of Jerry Seinfeld. For a marriage that's helping your wardrobe, check Fortunate Sun.FS's a locally-based tees-and-more company from a former Z-Brand designer and his fiancee, just-now releasing the first-ever officially-licensed tee from their future wedding location: The Empire Polo Club, home of Coachella, whose owner finally gave them the rights when he heard they were getting hitched there, and didn't feel like cutting a deal on the linens and glassware. The licensed tees all come from source fabric used by high-end designers and use a more durable blind-stitching technique, with the result being extra-soft, fitted dark grey/white tees w/ block-print letters spelling out the name of the club over a crest flanked by two lions; also available are EPC hankerchiefs, which you can use to clean up the blow around one's nose. Sun's also got tees like an ode to grade-school era lined paper with the brand's name in cursive up top, and one featuring the license plate number of a car the owner accidentally backed into six years ago; also coming this month are polos, a basic hoodie, and henleys, but not a don henley, because that'll just end up as Dirty Laundry. To celebrate the Empire Club launch, Fortunate's throwing parties this weekend with free booze, DJs, and ticket giveaways for Coachella, which always leads to great things, but also kids.