Fresh Melt Water Grand Opening

Getting your own place gives you license to do anything you want, like running the A/C with the windows open, guzzling milk straight from the carton, or even flaunting said carton to the chained up child featured on its back. That's not cool! Anyway, diving into their own digs, Fresh Melt Water

After two years of selling through local boutiques, FMW's all growed up, and this Saturday'll open the first retail shop in NoLibs' much-hyped Piazza, where they'll showcase their wares free from the nagging restraints of bigger-name brands. Cheekily defiant tees take center stage: past collections like last year's LIFE Magazine cover-mocking "LIES" series (JFK, Mickey Mouse, 'Nam...), and 15 new designs, from a black tee with six sequential images of an exploding house backed with the Strangelove-inspired "stop worrying and love the bomb", to a Woody Guthrie hat-tip stating, "This Machine Kills isms", to "Destroy Popular Culture. Rebuild. Repeat." (though if you're too lazy to follow those instructions with shampoo...). FMW's also slinging a line of salvaged plaid buttondowns (and, oddly, cutoff jean and khaki shorts) over-dyed through a three-step process, then stripped of original branding and retagged as FMW product -- when you're out on your own, it's one big orgy of drinking, smoking, and testing the boundaries of copyright infringement

Speaking of drinking: on Saturday, FMW's throwing a 12-hour housewarming blowout with free Pabst, Dos Equis, Red Bull, Vitaminwater, some TBD hard liquor, and gratis BBQ from Tony Rodger's Big Dawg, plus six DJs, seven bands, and an NCAA bracket-style beer pong tourney -- what other reason is there to kidnap a kid besides having him caddie your beers?