Goldmine Shithouse

Most squatters just fill their adopted space with hypodermic needles, feral animals, and their feral poop. To hang with some squatters furnishing their temporary locale with art, make friends with Goldmine Shithouse

A five-year-old, three-man avant-art collective that's done their highly conceptual shows in NY, Berlin, and SF, Goldmine'll be shacking up at a 6,000sq ft studio/gallery starting Sunday, working 24/7 'til Feb 21, and letting the public drop in whenever to scope the art's progress/dip the hands of exhausted napping creatives into warm water. The end result of the work's uncharted, but the huge space'll provide their first chance to use large-form photos & silkscreens to abet their bizarrely disjointed mixed-media art; former examples include a Marie Antoinette-looking illustration holding a house with a clipper ship perched atop it, and a wall w/ thumb-tacked scraps of paper saying "smoke it down to the filter" and "lefthanded toilet", your new stock excuse when you don't lift the seat. Though visits are encouraged throughout, there'll be a silkscreening party on Feb 13, with free beer and booze, and $5 silkscreens of Goldmine prints on anything you bring by, from tees, to comforters, to granny panties -- Happy V-Day, Cloris Leachman!

When the show's over, the Goldmine'll also host a more-standard reception at Nomad, featuring completed pieces, though it's really up to the critics to decide whether it's a a smashing success or just a giant pile of feral poop.