Never really the focal point of a group, the fate of a retired bassist can be an ignominious one: think Krist Novoselic, bobbing around in a zodiac throwing paint at Japanese whaling boats, or worse Michael Anthony, who in the band Chickenfoot, is being forced to play with Sammy Hagar, again. Bucking that trend, check out GrnAppleTree.From the former bassist of Riverside rockers Voodoo Glow Skulls, GrnAppleTree's a collection of thoughtfully executed button-ups, jackets, tees, and more, whose new line is supposedly "inspired by the oppression of the human spirit that is being swallowed by the corporate machine". And also butterflies. The attitude's in the details: button-ups each sport unique highlights, e.g., the light blue short-sleeve "Cloud" boasts a small white strip of fabric on the front of the left collar, the light grey "Box" gets a plaid-ish checkmark pattern going up the placket through the collar, and another blue short-sleever looks like a boatsman's shirt thanks to a white strip along the chest and two on each shoulder -- called "Melancholy", you'll contend it's closer to "The Infinite Radness". Other offerings include a short-sleeve hoodie w/ checkered strips atop the shoulder and three d-ring straps across the front, a tee with a b&w image of a dangling light bulb illuminating a mostly-empty room, and a black nylon jacket w/ purple tubing across the front, with waist and cuffs abetted by "light" ribbing, making it similar to "healthy male friendship".'Cause they can, Grn's also hosting an open-to-the-public screening of Akira on Thursday, with free popcorn and beer from Sapporo -- because much like us, the Japanese pay attention to a fine brew, but never Krist Novoselic.