The 3G Show

Great art can inspire across media, like Impressionist painting inspiring Impressionist literature, or Hieronymus Bosch's haunting visions of Hell inspiring Ke$ha. For gallery art inspired by the best movies ever, check out The 3G Show.Opening tomorrow at the cozy Gallery 1988, 3G's a 3-week exhibit featuring work based on, and only on, Goonies, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins, with 40 different artists each doing one work based on each film -- they'd have added Graystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, but clearly 4G just doesn't work. Plus, that movie sucked. The highlights include:Gremlins: A colorful, pop-arty visual reinterpretation of key moments in the film (Barney hanging from Christmas lights, a full-bore gremlin splashing into the water, etc.) titled "Stripe"; a tattoo-style painting of a clock hitting midnight, the sun, an ocean, and a chicken drumette dubbed "Gremlin's Ruin"; and a fake record cover for the Scottish band Mogwai, who, judging by their skin tone, also only come out at night.Goonies: An edgy, graphic novel-ish painting of the "I'm taking them all back" speech; a poster print with all the Asian gadgets titled "Inventions of Data"; and a canvas imagination of what a Goonies breakfast cereal box would look like ("Free Inside: Copperbone's Treasure Key!") - a sugary breakfast sure to make you Chunk-y.Ghostbusters: A plush Slimer wolfing down pizza/cupcakes/hot dogs/etc; a wood-painted sculpture of a funhouse-mirror-looking Peter Venkman; and a faux subway sign for Paranormal Centre Station, otherwise known as...whatever stop is closest to Gary Busey's house.For the opening party they'll have gratis alcohol, a replica of Ecto 1, and an appearance by one of the actual Ghostbusters -- they won't say which, but clearly it's the one guy whose ability to collect small appearance fees is rapidly tik-tok'ing away.