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Independent Spirits Expo

Published On 11/06/2009 Published On 11/06/2009

Typical traveling expos can be a tough sell, because everyone may be into body art or sex machines, but let's face it: no one's going to the Cow Palace. Well, ditch it for delicious, little known booze at the Independent Spirits Expo.

Rolling through SF for the first time via NYC, ISX's bringin' together droves of distillers and importers of over 50 little known, small batch, and premium spirits, and stuffing them all into Mighty for one fantastical night of unlimited shot n' exotic cocktail slammin' that'll inevitably end the same way most of your nights at Mighty do -- Mighty hungover. Expect awesomeness from the likes of:

Tuthilltown Whiskey: Distilled in a 220-year-old gristmill in NY's Hudson Valley and constituting the first legal spirit produced in NY since prohibition, Tuthill's "Baby Bourbon" is aged in oak barrels and gives off hints of caramel so sweet, no one will put this Baby in the corner, unless they're finished with it, and they don't see a server.

Three-D Spirits: Petaluma's own 3D specializes in complexly flavored, handmade rums like 50 proof Jolly Roger Coconut & Key Lime, and vanilla-infused, Caribbean-spiced VooDoo -- stick a pin in it, and just like regular VooDoo, nothing'll happen, unless you're in a Hardy Boys mystery featuring Nancy Drew.

Death's Door Gin: This super small batch grog's characterized by hints of juniper and coriander and a crisp, clean finish of fennel, reminding you of the time your frat bros were like, do another fennel dude, and you did like four. What an epic day!

Guess what else? Book through Thrillist and your tix are half-price, i.e., just 25 bucks for GA (three solid hours of swilling), and $37.50 for VIP, which at the Cow Palace consists of, not having to go in the Cow Palace.