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Everything You Absolutely Must Do in LA This Spring

Springtime is here at last, and after an especially cold Los Angeles winter, it’s time to gear up for the best that this pre-summer season has to throw at us. We present to you the Must-Do LA Spring Calendar, featuring such delights as cemetery movie screenings, free arcade machines, and of course, the cultural touchstone that is Coachella.

Eat so, so, so many wings at WingFest

Twenty-five dollars gets you access to two hours of all-you-can-eat wings, two drinks, DJs, and games ($35 gets you an extra drink ticket and early entry). And, try to stay calm, but Gus’s infamous Tennessee fried chicken will be there.

Go retro at Arcade Expo

Sure, this is all the way out in Banning, but there will be over 1,100 pinball machines and arcade cabinets on display -- both vintage and modern -- and they’re all set to free-play. Who knows, you might even best Billy Mitchell’s Pac-Man high score! But probably not.

Take to the streets for the LA Marathon

The annual endurance tester is back once again, starting at Dodger Stadium and ending in Santa Monica for a whopping 26 miles. If you’re not of the running-26-miles persuasion, don’t worry, there will be bands and festivities along the way -- so basically, drink a bunch and then do what you can?

Gear up for Season 7 at Game of Thrones Live

You a Thrones fan? Sure you are, but you’re not a true fan until you’ve gone to see Ramin Djawadi curate a live concert experience featuring the music of Game of Thrones. Get ready; music is coming.

Peddle them crazy legs across LA at CicLAvia

This 6-mile journey from Culver City to Venice is part of an annual program that sees select routes between neighborhoods become temporary car-free zones, allowing Angelenos to explore their surroundings on foot or via any people-powered vehicle. Grab a bike, skateboard, Razor scooter, or your favorite pair of Heelys, and get rolling.

Get your geek on at WonderCon

San Diego Comic Con’s admittedly-not-as-cool-but-still-way-closer cousin is back again. If you’re unfamiliar, expect a lot more than just comics -- this will be the hub of all the media you can handle, including movies, TV shows, animations, books, collectibles, and games. Finally, an excuse to wear your Underoos on the outside!

Dodgers Opening Day

This year, the Blue Crew will be starting off against the San Diego Padres -- show up early to grab some nearby eats, then check out the secret Japanese garden behind Parking Lot 6. Here’s hoping for a strong season... right guys? Guys?

Donate to the ACLU at a fundraising concert

The ACLU has never been more important, so if you’ve been trying to find the best way to donate, here’s a great one. Macklemore, Zedd, Imagine Dragons, and more are topping the bill at this live fundraising show, so snag tickets while you can.

Get sudsy at LA Beer Fest

The annual beer fest is here at last, held once again at LA Center Studios. Expect live music, a dueling piano bar, and food trucks galore -- oh, and with 80 breweries showing up, probably be a little bit of beer too.

Go Nordic at the ReykjavĂ­k Festival

The ReykjavĂ­k Festival will last until April 17, but if you want to see some of the best that Iceland has to offer, hit Disney Hall for any of the three shows Sigur RĂłs will play. Their ethereal live performances are not-to-be-missed.

Head to the desert for Coachella Weekend 1

OK, so yeah, Beyoncé dropped out. Understandable when you’re carrying two human beings inside of you. Does that mean you also have to miss Bon Iver, and Radiohead, and Kendrick Lamar, and HANS ZIMMER? No, it doesn’t mean that at all.

Head right back to the desert for Coachella Weekend 2

Missed the first weekend? Made it to the first weekend and need to do it all over again? Who cares! Hit Weekend 2!

Get ready to fiesta for Cinco de Mayo

We don’t need to tell you that Cinco de Mayo ISN’T Mexican Independence Day, do we? Hopefully not. Either way, Angelenos go big on Cinco de Mayo, so take part in all the taco and tequila specials the city has to offer.

Get sudsy (again) at the OC Beer Fest

If you missed the LA Beer Fest, or you just need another day for beer guzzling, Anaheim has your back. Plus, Anaheim secretly has the best beer scene around, so get ready to drool all over your OC favorites.

Pack your pick-a-nick basket when Cinespia returns

Your favorite outdoor movie fest returns May 13. You can bet on some of the perennial classics making an appearance once again. Here’s hoping for another Top Gun Fourth of July!

Get weird at Joshua Tree Music Festival

The indie-er, desert-ier, and new age-ier version of Coachella is gearing up for its summer festival. If you’re not familiar with the music of such acts as Orgone, Dirtwire, and Baraka Moon, don’t worry; it’s a guaranteed great time no matter what. Oh, and it’s also like a third of Coachella’s price as well.

Eat every tacos at Tacolandia

While we’re not positive about this date, Tacolandia usually lands on the second Saturday of June. If you haven’t been, it’s more or less the premiere taco festival in LA, so get hungry, and stay tuned for more info.

Unleash your inner gamer at E3

Oh, this? It’s only the biggest game convention/conference anywhere, where major publishers announce their latest games, consoles, and peripheral accessories. If you care at all about video games, E3 is the place to be.

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Wilder Shaw is regular Thrillist contributor who has actually never been to Coachella despite living in LA for most of his life. Tell him what a dingus he is on Instagram and Twitter.