These Miami Fitness Studios Are Streaming Virtual Workout Classes

Roll out the ol’ yoga mat.

Though much of America has struggled with this whole “working from home” thing, Miami is kind of used to it. Instagram “models” and people who “run some businesses” are used to working from home anyway. But the big struggle, however, has been figuring out where to work out, since gym time often takes up a solid third of most Miamians’ days, and having nowhere to check out our abs in the mirror has created a massive void.

Fortunately, a bunch of local gyms and fitness studios are streaming classes on Instagram and other platforms, so you can stay in shape while social distancing. So set up a mirror next to your computer screen, and try one of these fantastic local workouts.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed we’re NOT stuck at home for the next 54 days. But if that is the case, former pro soccer player Rodrigo Garduno has the fitness plan for you. His 54d studio -- which typically puts members through nine weeks of running, jumping, and bodyweight hell -- is offering classes on Garduno’s Instagram every morning at 11am.
Cost: Free; the normal course costs four grand, so this is a helluva deal

Keep your twerking muscles sharp for when the club finally reopens with the famous Vixen workout. Throw a flannel around your waist and livestream any of Vixen’s daily hip-hop-inspired dance classes, or browse its online content to learn the basics and get fitness motivation. Classes are at 9am and 6:30pm on weekdays, weekends at 11am. Full schedule here.
Cost: $39.95/month; $249/year; or free for current studio members

Admittedly, online workouts can feel a little impersonal, especially if you’re used to small-group classes or personal training. But this pilates studio in northeast Miami is keeping the personal touch, limiting its online Zoom classes to only eight participants. Sign up for classes on Breathe’s website like you normally would, and you’ll get the link to join.
Cost: Two classes for $32 or five classes for $95; use promo code VIRTUAL to get 20% off

SOL YOGA Florida
SOL YOGA Florida

If you’re looking to duplicate the hot-but-not-unbearably-hot experience of SolYoga in your home, grab a heat lamp on Amazon and stream Sol instructor Lauren Cobb’s daily classes. She broadcasts live from her dock in Ft. Lauderdale and, while you won’t be able to smell the canal, you will be able to do a full hour of waterside yoga, absolutely free.
Cost: Free

Boca Raton-based energy drink Celsius has brought an all-star team of South Florida fitness trainers onboard for its Sweat With Celsius classes, streaming live Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at noon. This week’s schedule will include Casey Simmons from Barry’s Boot Camp on Wednesday and Liv Young from Box + Flow on Friday, with future classes announced soon.
Cost: Free

If you and whoever you’re socially distancing with have been looking for a workout to do together so you’re not fighting over living room mat space, try LegacyFit. This partner-based, high intensity interval training workout streams free through the studio’s Instagram, and also through the Instagram of whichever trainer happens to be leading classes at 6am and 5pm. No weights are required, and an hour will have you too tired to argue later.
Cost: Free

Yoga Lab Miami
Yoga Lab Miami

Looking to do some yoga, but want to do it on your own schedule? Yoga Lab Coral Gables has uploaded a number of its signature classes to its website and YouTube channel, so you can cue up a class whenever you feel the need to stretch something out.
Cost: Free

Former University of Miami boxing coach Mickey Demos will host online versions of his intense boxing classes at 10am and 6pm daily. No heavy bags or mitts are required. Though you don’t need a partner, it always helps to have one. Just make sure you don’t hit any of your furniture.
Cost: Text the gym at 305-968-9620 for Zoom links and pricing

If you’re antsy and need something to wear you out to the point of incapacitation, look no further than Epic’s interval training classes. While the in-studio versions leave you laying on the mat dreading the trip home, after these Zoom-based classes can recover in the comfort of your own living room. One of the certified trainers runs your ragged at 7am, 8am, 6pm, and 7pm daily.
Cost: First class $5, drop-in $15; sign up via and you’ll get a Zoom link

In preparation for a post-apocalyptic world, it might be wise to learn how to battle like an MMA fighter, ya know, just in case it comes to that. UFC Gym Kendall is streaming different martial arts classes every day on Instagram, including kickboxing and their patented Daily Ultimate Training class which incorporates high intensity interval exercises you can easily do at home.
Cost: Free

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Curt Hollingsworth is a Miami native who normally spends his time enjoying the city, the sand, the Keys, and any bar that claims they have the best margarita in town.