Blue Light Burlesque Montreal Cabaret
Blue Light Burlesque | Courtesy of Blue Light Burlesque
Blue Light Burlesque | Courtesy of Blue Light Burlesque

Montreal's Hottest Burlesque Shows to Go to This Fall

Montreal is known for its nightlife and its strip clubs -- you’re welcome, young Americans who just turned 18 and bachelor party-goers. In a city where shows are full of glitter, feathers, and raunchy comedy, the burlesque scene is not one to pass up. Here’s a lineup of the best upcoming shows for anyone looking to laugh, drink, and get turned on by some performers ready to shake their tail feathers.

Rico & Suave Latino Burlesque

Foxy Lexxi, drag king Tristan Ginger, Salty Margarita, and friends will shake their colorful ruffles and bountiful booties to the salsa beat for this Latin-inspired show. Bring your portable fans, fellas, because it’s going to be a caliente night as Latin heat meets sinful burlesque for this one night only.

Wiggle Room’s Third Burlesque Anniversary

Celebrating three years of all-things vaudeville, burlesque, striptease, and glamour, The Wiggle Room has planned an extravagant night to thank Montreal for making this anniversary possible. Prepare to be amazed, turned on, and jealous of the amount of bling onstage -- this night is about sexy, voluptuous dancers who are decked out in sparkles, leather, and lace.

MOB -- Proudly Made au Quebec

Burlesque isn’t just a woman’s game in Quebec, and men are out to prove that fact. Honored to be from the province of poutine, hockey, and orange construction cones, these Quebecois dudes are ready to perform in their tiny costumes that would make any grandmère blush.

Lana Rey Cabaret Hommes en Talon Haut

After two coworkers surprised me for my birthday with tickets to see Lana Rey Cabaret’s all-male burlesque meets go-go dancing show, I knew right then that they loved me. Watching Cuban men dancing and doing pirouettes in sky-high-heels wearing tiny, leather shorts is definitely the sexiest way to spend your birthday. Happens every Friday at 9pm, and Saturday at 10:30pm.

Broadway Burlesque 2

Freak show meets vaudeville and burlesque is just what Lola Spark, Lily Monroe, and Rosie Brice are going to showcase during Broadway Burlesque 2. Can you keep up with the places they'll take your imagination?

Ladyfest 2016

From September 12th-18th, Ladyfest will highlight the best of female comedy with comedians, storytellers, and, of course, burlesque dancers. On Thursday, September 15th, Sucre à la Crème, Bibi Lolo Bang Bang, and Lulu Les Belles Mirettes will have everyone laughing and ogling their voluptuous figures at the same time.

Candyass Cabaret

Every third Friday of the month, Velma Candyass, the leader of the Dead Dolls troupe, brings us Candyass Cabaret where drag, burlesque, and comedy create quite a stir. If the shiny costumes and historic location of Café Cleopatra weren’t reason enough to attend, stick around for what Candyass Cabaret calls "crappy" prizes that will be handed out to a few lucky audience members.

Blue Light Burlesque, 12th Anniversary

With Madame Oui Oui Encore leading the way, the Blue Light Burlesque group promises to celebrate their 12th anniversary the best way they know how: with slapstick humor, seduction, and shimmying. Strap yourself in for 12 years’ worth of vaudeville.

Miss Meow’s Second Annual Postmodern Jukebox Birthday Burlesque

It’s Miss Meow’s birthday and whatever she wants, she gets. What exactly does that mean this year? Miss Meow wants her friends, Honeysuckle Pussywillow, Frenchy Jones, and Lola Spark to shimmy and shake on stage, just for us.

Pretty Funny: Burlesque vs. Stand-Up Comics

Burlesque doesn’t always get the comedic recognition it deserves. To prove it’s just as good -- if not, better -- than other forms of comedy, ComedyWorks has come up with a solution: a burlesque versus stand-up battle, hosted by Velvet La Touche and Leighland Beckman, with the audience in charge of crowning the winner. Get rambunctious if you want the sexy ladies of Team Burlesque to take home top prize.

'80s Burlesque Show

Leg warmers, Jane Fonda aerobics, and highly flammable teased hair, The Wiggle Room is bringing the 1980s back with a burlesque show inspired by the decade of all-things-tacky. Come for the strip tease, stay for the rock power ballads, shoulder pads, and fanny packs.   
Montreal Burlesque Festival
Montreal Burlesque Festival | Montreal Burlesque Festival

Ruby Rhapsody’s Retirement Show

With this being Ruby Rhapsody’s final show, The Wiggle Room has vowed to make this a special send-off. Playing music by Grammy-award winner Tom Waits, curves and sass will be on full display for Miss Rhapsody’s farewell show.

Cabaret Burlesque

While the Montreal Casino is known for its endless supply of slot machines, food, and dance floors, this October, it will also host an action-packed cabaret night, packed with 23 artists.

Boyband Burlesque

If you fawned over Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and NSYNC, entering into schoolyard battles over which was the best boy band of all time, this is the burlesque show for you. The Divine Danny D, Spanky Dickens, Lola Spark, and more performers will embody boy bands of the '90s with routines aimed to take you back to being that kid who belted out cheesy boy band tunes while trying to figure out why your Tamagotchi refused to frickin’ eat!

Riot Girls

Since Friday’s performance was all about the boy bands, Saturday will be all about the girls -- more specifically, the punk rock women of the '80s and '90s. Rock out to grunge queens like Debbie Harry, Courtney Love, and Gwen Stefani (when she was still in No Doubt).

Montreal Burlesque Festival

Burlesque dancer Scarlett James presents three days of glitz, glam, pasties, and seduction with the Montreal Burlesque Festival. Headliners like New York’s Calamity Chang and Minnie Tonka, MisRed Delicious from New Zealand and Austria’s Russell Bruner along with performances by Foxy Lexxi, Kitty Kin-Evil, and Lady Josephine promise to deliver a wild three-day weekend. Prepare to be teased and dazzled for days.

Blue Light Burlesque's 80th Show

After celebrating their 12th year anniversary last month, the ladies of Blue Light Burlesque have one more milestone to commemorate -- their 80th show. With Madame Oui Oui Encore at the helm, watch as the troupe celebrates all-natural figures with classic burlesque performances full of strip tease and humor.  

Candyass Cabaret 50th Celebration

Strip club Cafe Cleopatra is historic to the landscape of Montreal, and its crazy cabaret upstairs will be celebrating their 50th monthly show in November. Candyass Cabaret promises to up their game for this milestone, meaning more glitz, comedy, and... cake. Now, the only question we have is will the dancers be popping out of the cake?

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