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Published On 05/28/2009 Published On 05/28/2009

Nightlife's catch-22: you require alcohol, but how're you supposed to wrestle your way up and demand an appletini without already having had a bunch? Cure what ails ya, with myOrder, launching now.

The brainchild of five Silicon Valley dudes, myOrder's a revolutionary-yet-free iApp (that'll soon work for any smartphone) that lets you order up food n' drink at the places where doing so's typically a pain in the ass, or the places where it's not, and you just wanna be the pain in the ass ordering from your iPhone. MyOrder geolocates where you're at, then automatically prompts you to browse the joint's menu right on your phone, or key in your desired cocktail/dish in hopes that they can make it; particular tables/bars/awnings/etc at the joint'll be clearly marked with #s and/or descrips (with their designations matching a list in your phone), which you'll use to tell myOrder where to send the server, whom you'll tip in binary: 1 or 0. While myOrder'll soon work in myriad bars, clubs, and sports stadiums n' arenas, the five venues hooked in so far are The Ambassador, Ruby Skye, Slide, Harlot, and Ducca -- each of which is working w/ myOrder on increasingly intricate venue-specific schematics, empowering patrons to order stuff to places like "dancefloor left", "balcony right", but probably not "urinal center".

While you'll be working out tabs with servers for now, myOrder'll soon automate payment. To ramp up excitement, all of myOrder's current venues are hosting parties over the next few days; just flash your myOrder-equipped cell at the door for entry, and you'll get $4 Skyy drink specials, presenting another catch-22 -- until they support more devices, everything you order'll be an Appletini.



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