Everything That Went Down at This Year’s Thrillist Taco Knockout NYC

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

We’ve got nothing against wrestling here at Thrillist, but when we battle it out, we simply prefer to do it with food. Instead of sleeper holds, we take power naps. And instead of knockouts, well, that’s where Taco Knockout comes in. Our yearly celebration of all things slow-cooked, salsa-doused, and tortilla-wrapped featured 15 different tacos competing for the championship belt. The NYC-based restaurants served up dishes ranging from Impossible™ meat crunchy tacos to a jalapeno & lobster beast -- with everything in between. Guests even enjoyed a Michelada bar from our friends at Clamato, beer from Modelo, live music, and tons more at Union Park Events. But at the end of the day, there could only be one winner. Take a look at this year’s recap:

The Tacos:

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Taco Dumbo

Impossible Crunchy Taco
Impossible™ taco meat, black bean mash, queso, and lime crema

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Añejo Tribeca

Lamb Barbacoa Taco
Smoked pistachio salsa macha, spring herbs, and pickled radish

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Flip Sigi

Lechón Taco
Smoked lechón, pickled onions, pineapple, chicharrónes, and peanut hoisin sauce

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

La Central

Queso Quemado Taco
Topped with morels, asparagus, and salsa verde

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Vida Verde

Chori-Queso Taco
Homemade Mexican sausage, queso, roasted poblano peppers, nopalitos, potatoes, refried pinto beans, and salsa roja

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Rosa Mexicano

Tacos de Carnitas de Pato
Duck carnitas tacos with citrus tortillas, jicama, gooseberry salsa, and plum chipotle sauce

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist


Taco de Pulpo con Chorizo
Octopus and chorizo, habanero crema, crispy sweet potato, and red cabbage

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Burger & Lobster

The Beast Taco
Truffle aioli, braised tri-tip, lobster claw, sliced jalapeños, and herb crema

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Taco Electrico

Tacos de Panza
Pork belly, red miso, sambal, green papaya, and cilantro

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Tijuana Picnic

Pork Belly Taco
Five-spice-braised pork belly, Yucatan salsa, and pop rice

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Mexico Lindo NYC

Mole Rojo Rabbit Taquitos
Mini hard shell corn tortilla tacos with banana leaf-roasted rabbit, chile cascabel & guajillo almond mole, garnished with butternut squash, pear, and microgreens

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

HandCraft Kitchen & Cocktails

Spring Fling Burrata Tostada
Burrata, burnt asparagus, ramp salsa verde, and rosé crema

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Bodega Negra

Chicken Pibil Taco
Chicken wrapped in banana leaf and braised with tomato, onion, and achiote topped with cabbage and pickled red onions

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Ho'Brah Tacos

Southern Cross Taco
Hickory-smoked pulled pork with pickled Carolina rainbow slaw, sliced avocado, Frank's RedHot yogurt, and lime drizzle

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist


Taco de Carnitas
Slow-roasted pork tacos, Michoacán-style pico de gallo, avocado sauce, and chicharrónes

and the winner is...

Bodega Negra!

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Psh, you know we’d never forget dessert:

DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

Chocolate Chip
Sugar Cookie
Brookie Dough
Cake Batter

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Plus, we brought a DIY Michelada bar

Our friends at Clamato made sure the party was complete with custom Micheladas. Toppings included poached shrimp, blue cheese-stuffed olives, jalapeños, and more.

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist
Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

And personalized poems from the Haiku Guys & Gals

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist

Thrillist Taco Knockout was the perfect Cinco de Mayo kickoff. Check out some of our favorite photos from the evening, including our awesome photo booth, live music, and taco-stuffed guests.

Ross Figlerski/Thrillist
Ross Figlerski/Thrillist
Ross Figlerski/Thrillist
Ross Figlerski/Thrillist
Ross Figlerski/Thrillist