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Pisco Bus

School busses were a major social decider back in the day: seating determined whether you were cool, which determined whether you got wedgied, which determined the rest of your life. Deciding it's going to get you drunk for free, the Pisco Bus.

Organized by small-batch Peruvian pisco brand Gran Sierpe, PB's a 50-person air conditioned school bus touring Miami pisco hot spots, where you jump off and imbibe gratis custom-made cocktails at each locale, edumacating your palate on the notoriously strong grape-based liquor invented 300 years ago when New World wines were banned and colonial grape farmers pretended to be upset, then just made hard-core booze instead. After getting picked up at the Bass Museum on South Beach, you'll be chaperoned to Belle Island and The Standard Hotel for your first cocktail, then across the bay to Michelle Bernstein's Sra Martinez for discounted snacks/more drinks, on to Coral Gables for Peruvian ceviche specialist La Cofradia's take on raw fish and pisco, back to the beach to the Mondrain/Sunset Lounge's waterfront garden/patio, and finally to the Florida Room, just in time for a live performance by piano-bangin' and beatbox-spitting duo Brendan O'Hara and Komakozi of Big Bounce -- which, when it happened on the bus, everyone screamed really loudly and put their hands up. Cocktails're subject to change per mixologists' whims, but're likely to include the "Snake Eyes", w/ fresh passion fruit, mango, lime juice, and a dash of jalapeño; the Standard's pisco punch, infused for three days with honeydew, watermelon, grapes, pineapple, and cantaloupe; and the classic pisco sour, which meticulously blends the base booze with fresh lemon or lime, frothed egg whites, and simple syrup, Aunt Jemima's kid who rode a much shorter bus than this one.

As you drink, pay close attention to what you like and don't about each cocktail, because at the end of the night you'll be asked to vote on your favorite -- the exact process that happened every day on the bus, as you stood there really wishing your mom would buy you something other than tighty whities.

Bus photo courtesy of Kamoteus