Rental Car Rally

It's easy to become a contestant on The Amazing Race, assuming you're an identical twin NYC detective supermodel midget couple, both of whom suffer from vertigo. For a sweet race you can even enter if you're not, check out Rental Car Rally

Launching its first LA run after successful past rides in Chi/SF/NY, Rental Car Rally's a ridiculous, all-night scavenger hunt-style, mostly-back-road spectacle, starting at midnight on June 18 at a still-undisclosed location and ending about 16 hours later somewhere in Tombstone, AZ, unless your car spins out on the way, in which case it'll end at Tombstone, HWY 10. Despite the event's name, you can use your own Kia/Toyota/Malibu and stops're vaguely apocalypse-themed, and include an abandoned, grafittied bridge, a zombie-ridden desert ghost town, a beer bar made of car parts, and an atomic cannon, though not an atomic Nick Cannon, since Wild 'N Out is already daaa bomb!!! Each stop's gotta be documented via a photo at the location, and teams can be as big or as small as you like -- so, Mr. Popular, just make sure your camera's timer function works

Prizes include cash and a "golden gas pump," and judging's based on three factors: low odometer readings, crazy mid-race stories, and most-insane team costumes, so those matching extra small couture cop uni's'll do just fine, assuming they fit with that neck brace.