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Rental Car Rally to Detroit

New York

Following in the treadmarks of last year's NY to Montreal caper, this 24hr competitive road trip'll see up to 100 costumed teams (e.g., 2008's all-dude wedding party Team Knot) throttle through five backroads checkpoints -- including Centralia, PA, where a 1962 mine fire still burns beneath the streets -- as they vie for $2000 and the coveted Golden Gas Pump. Tickets come three ways: the Wheelman (rally entry, briefcase stocked w/ bottle rockets, smoke bombs, condoms, and chaw), the Captain Chaos (the above, plus hotel/casino suite, steak dinner, in-room stripper, surprise bonus), and the Jason Statham -- the above plus a shot of pure human adrenaline (seriously), sure to keep you alert, even during Transporter 3.

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