These are a few of your favorite things

Even perfect marriages require a little spicing up from time to time, whether it be from an unexpected romantic gesture, or another Cambodian child. Spicing up the most perfect marriage of them all, with tacos, in T&T&A.

The latest from Harlem-based/Fresno-born photographer Tony Stamolis, T&T&A delivers exactly what its title promises: 148 full color pages of half or completely naked hot chicks juxtaposed with raunchy up close shots of delicious tacos -- a book that's perfect for your coffee table, or your girlfriend's coffee table, briefly, right before you break up and haul your things out in a pillowcase. Because he's awesome, Tony finds most of his models on the street, and convinces them to pose candidly in various states of postured undress, e.g., lying cheeks-up on a bare mattress (in high heels), nude in the shower (with smeared makeup), or topless in the car (seat belt fastened). Tony's equally carnal, non-human subjects hail from taquerias and trucks in many the same locales as his ladies (Fresno, Brooklyn, Cancun and El Farolito in SF), and establish a lush visual interplay with said ladies by being vulnerably open, and slathered in sour cream, and stuffed full of carnitas, cabeza, carne asada, etc, though that was only one particularly sloppy participant from Fresno.

To promote his masterpiece, Tony's planning a series of raucous parties. In SF, it's going down on April 1st at the Makeout Room, where Tony's hired the El Tonayense truck to cater the event, which may or may not feature free drinks and nudity, so get in early or it'll be too Pax.