Carrot Clothing

Soviet might has given us plenty, like gymnastics champions, Milla Jovovich, and the inspiration to develop procedures for surviving any nuclear holocaust: hiding under school desks. And also, fly streetwear, thanks to Carrot Clothing's new Fall drop.

Birthed during the turbulent 90s in Serbia, Carrot began as a small batch of anti-conflict t-shirts meant to lift spirits during the Kosovo War before authorities equated them with terrorism, and threw the founder in jail; ever resilient, he regrouped a couple years ago and teamed up with skateboarders and street artists to relaunch the brand, now boasting hoodies, tees, sweaters, and cardigans, boldly assuming that people also don't equate Mr. Rogers with terrorism. Brand new duds start with cooler-weather gear, like the Warning hoodie in patchwork'd red/gray with oversized "kangaroo" pockets, and a gray hooded light jacket with black collar/cuffs; unhooded steez includes a gray crewneck sweatshirt featuring a cartoon rabbit wearing mirrored aviators, a handful of cardigans including the turquoise "Baller" with black striped sleeves and an embroidered logo chest patch, and crewneck sweaters like the 100% cotton "Grandpa", patterned with lots of small gray carrots, despite the fact that your actual Grandpa only has one. For fresh tees, there's a white crewneck screenprinted with a photo of a naked woman laying on a bed next to a cat, another featuring an illustrated human heart called "All Heart", and an absurd one boasting a photo of a gleeful streaking man, paired with the text "Can you imagine for a second doing anything that you don't have to? Well that's what I'm accustomed to so hooray for me" -- also, hooray for him being accustomed to regular form-tackles and taserings.

If you're bald/pretending to be, they've got a couple fitted caps including a slick black one covered all over in the Carrot logo that's totally the bomb -- so stop, drop, and roll, and get under that desk.